Teaching Current Events Links

Newspapers Online
A directory of thousands of online newspapers from around the globe

Current Events for Canadian Schools - What in the World
A great, complete monthly current events unit that includes articles, questions, maps, activities, quizzes - the student site can be accessed at - http://www.whatintheworld.ca/main.html

The Straight Goods
Canada's consumer and news watchdog. Great articles without the traditional media spin. Independent online Canadian news source

AskERIC: Current Events Lessons
Generic lesson plans to use with most grade levels

Classroom Newsweek
A teaching guide for the Newsweek magazine. The guide contains class activities and vocabulary lists to use with the magazine.

CNN Newsroom Guides
This site offers text and study questions based on the content of CNN's daily Newsroom program for schools. Content has an American slant

New York Times Learning Network
A vast collection of resources including a daily news quiz, daily lesson plan, lesson plan archive and teacher resources

Propaganda Lesson
Provides lessons that show students how to look for hidden messages. Includes worksheets

The Unreported Truth
A look at different conspiracy theories involving the highest levels of government. The site may be used to demonstrate the need to analyze web sites and have students present what they deem