Who is on your Council?? 

Social Studies Council

Council Executive/Comité exécutif

Shelley Kirkvold
Phone (bus): 403-381-7476 
Lorne Maier
Phone (bus): 780-853-4177 
Fax: 780-853-2920
Kristy Williams
Phone (bus): 780-933-5191 
ATA Staff Advisor
Dave Matson
Phone (bus): 780-447-9400 OR 1-800-232-7208 
Fax: 780-455-6481
PEC Liaison
Brenton Baum
Phone (bus): 780-542-4495 
Fax: 780-542-6238

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee comprises of Council Table Officers (see above) as well as:
Past President: Jennifer Williams atasscpastpresident@gmail.com

President-Elect: open

Calgary Regional President: Jen Perry: atassccalgary@gmail.com 

Red Deer Regional President: OPEN

Southern Regional President: Craig Findlay: atasscsouth@gmail.com

Northern Regional President: Nik Sellwood: atasscnorth@gmail.com

Edmonton Regional President: Orlena Shew: atasscedmonton@gmail.com

Alberta Education Rep: OPEN

University Liaison: Carla Peck: peck1@ualberta.ca

One World In Dialogue Editor: Craig Harding: jcharding@shaw.ca

Focus Newsletter Editor: Sana Waseem: atasscfocus@gmail.com

Web/Communications Manager: Bryan Burley: atasocialstudies@gmail.com

Conference Director: Natasha Sarkar: atasscconference@gmail.com


Table Officers Committee Information:
(Note: Our Handbook & Constitution can be also found in the "Who We Are" drop-down menu)
Elections for our table officer positions are held at our annual general meeting (AGM) in accordance to our constitution. If you are interested in serving, contact us for more details. 
The table officers of the Council Executive Committee shall consist of a president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, past-president, a PEC liaison member to be appointed by the Provincial Executive Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, and an ATA Staff officer appointed by the executive secretary of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.
Council Executive Committee Information:
The executive committee shall consist of members of the table officers, the regional presidents (or designates), the editor of Focus, the editor of One World in Dialogue, the communications manager, one representative from Alberta Education, one representative from Alberta’s universities, the conference director, and the chairs of ad hoc committees.

Members of the executive committee who have voting rights are: the table officers, the regional presidents (or designates), the editor of Focus, the editor of One World, the communications manager, and the conference director.