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One World in Dialogue
is a professional journal for social studies teachers. It is published by the Social Studies Council of the Alberta Teachers' Association to promote the professional development of social studies educators, stimulate thinking, and explore new ideas.



2023 Vol 7 No.1 Individual Articles:

Message from the Editor-- Craig Harding

A Clash of Interests: Neoliberalism in Education-- Charlene Creamer Melanson

Analysis and Critique of the Manitoba Social Studies Curriculum-- Paula Bye

A Case for Holocaust Education in Alberta Schools Through the Lens of Citizenship Education-- Jennifer Magalnick

Correlating Career Education with a Globalizing World: Teaching Advanced Career-Planning Skills in Grade 10 Social Studies-- Andrew Gilbert, Kerry B Bernes, Jonathan L Roque, Annelise M Lyseng and Karissa L Horne

 CALL for Papers for One World in Dialogue

We welcome submissions from classroom teachers, graduate students, academics, and others in our communities.

We accept papers for review on a continuing basis. Contact Dr. Craig Harding for more information.

A huge thank you to Dr. Craig Harding for putting together our publication. We cannot fathom the volunteer hours put in to do this while still being dedicated to the classroom each and every day.

As well, thank you to those who share their writings with us. Educators are made better by your thoughts and work.



V6N1 June 2021

2021 Vol 6 No.1 Individual Articles:

Message from the Editor-- Craig Harding

A Meditation on Current and Future Trajectories for Elementary Social Studies in Alberta-- David Scott

Reimagining Schools to Be Places of Deeper Learning-- Jacqui Kusnick

Smashing Down “Old” Ways of Thinking: Uncritical Critical Thinking in Teacher Education-- Matthew Etherington

Responding to the Ravages of COVID-19: Dialogic Encounters in/as Pedagogy in Social Studies-- Tim Skuce and Shannon D M Moore

The Importance of Bridging Creativity and Critical Thinking-- Anasthasia Filion More


2019 Volume 5 No. 1

2019 Vol 5 No.1 Individual Articles:

A Message from the Editor-- Craig Harding

A Long Way to Go for a Short Drink of Water-- Kent den Heyer

 Understanding Citizenship and Conflict: Why Alberta’s New Social Studies Curriculum Can’t Forget About Religion  -- Margie Patrick

Textbook Study in Villainification: The Need to Renovate our Depictions of Villains -- Cathryn van Kessel and Rebeka Plots

Reflections on the Practice of Historical Thinking -- David Weisgerber

One World in Dialogue Review Board


2016 Vol 4 No.1

Individual Articles:

A Message from the Editor -- Craig Harding

Doing Better Than Just FallingForward: Linking Subject Matter with Explicit Futures Thinking -- Kent den Heyer

How Standardization and Behaviourism Foster Inequality in Public Education: A Comparative Experience -- Teresa Pigot-Upshall

Authentic Learning in the Social Studies Classroom: Connecting Globally -- Jennifer Lock and Sandra Duggleby

Citizenship, Human Rights, and Social Justice: Addressing Core Concepts Through an Examination of Japanese Canadian Internment and Deportation During World War II -- D J Timmons

Reconciliation Quilt Project -- Suzanne Williamson

Introducing the Members of the One World in Dialogue Review Board


2015 Vol 3 No.2

Individual Articles:

Flipping History: Understanding Current Aboriginal Issues First, History Second --  Jean Parker and Bailey Almberg 

In Appreciation of Modern Hunting Traditions and a Grouse’s Life Unwasted -- 
David W Jardine

A Modern Hunting Tradition --
Jodi Latremouille 

The Sociological Roots of Eugenics --
Michael Kohlman

Transforming Pedagogy and Practice Through Inquiry-Based Curricula: A Study of High School Social Studies -- Pam Adams and Craig Findlay 

What Are the Similarities and Differences? A Comparison of the Turkish and Alberta Social Studies Curricula in Terms of Their Basics
 -- Filiz Zayimog˘lu Öztürk and Talip Öztürk

Full copy of 
2014 Volume 3 No 1 now available. 

2014 Vol 3 No.1 Individual Articles:

A Win-Win Situation: Developing a System of Reflection and Documentation for a Grade 4 Arts-Infused Inquiry -- Sandra Becker

Remembrance Day in Normandy
-- Richard B Bieche

Social Perspectives on Antihomophobia Education: Capitalism and LGBTQ Identities  -- Aubrey Hanson

Understanding My Brothers and Sisters -- Afroza Nanji

We’re Here to Teach About Democracy Not Practise It. The Missed Potential of Schools as Democratic Spaces1
-- Alan Sears, Carla L Peck and Lindsay Herriot


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2013 One World in Dialogue V2. n2


  • Where? Why There? What’s Nearby? Beyond Place‑Name Geography in Schools-- Mryka Hall-Beyer

  • Feeling at Home-- Trish Savill

  • Integrating Indigenous Pedagogical Practices-- Vicki Kelly

  • Evoking Ecology: A Cross‑Curricular Approach to Social Studies-- Janis Irwin

  • Serious Conversations: Why Dialogue Is Essential in Social Studies-- Jim Parsons and Adrian Peetoom

2012 One World in Dialogue v2.n1


  • Trying to Make the Mission Statements of Social Studies Curriculum Inhabit My Social Studies Pedagogy and Vice Versa-- David Scott and Laurence Abbott

  • Alberta Heritage Fairs—A Secret That Needs to Be Shared-- Belinda Crowson

  • Invoking Accountability and Documentation Through “All My Relations”-- Vicki Bouvier

  • An Invitation to Explore the Roots of Current Aboriginal/Non‑Aboriginal Relations in Canada-- Gail Jardine

  • Love Thy Neighbour: Repatriating Precarious Blackfoot Sites-- Cynthia Chambers and Narcisse Blood

  • Book Review: Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into the School Curriculum, by Yatta Kanu-- Rick Hesch

    2011 One World In Dialogue v1.n1


    • Fort Edmonton Park: An Ideal Field Trip for Exploring the Canadian Fur Trade-- Mike Hulyk

    • This Is Not Your Parents’ History-- Craig Harding

    • International Online Collaboration Giving Voice to the Study of Diversity-- Jennifer V Lock and Petrea Redmond

    • Lessons from The Velveteen Rabbit-- Jennifer George

    • Inquiry in Black and White: An Appreciation-- David W Jardine

    • Glendale Has Been Karshed-- Jennifer Grimm and  Darren Vaast

    • 10 Years Since the Day I Realized We Live in a Public Age-- Adrian Huysman

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