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As educators, we are often seeking out websites and other online sources for assisting our teaching. Check out the links (see the drop-down menu) we have added to assist you.

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Alberta Social Studies NING  

Also, we sponsor a great collaborative forum for Alberta Social Studies teachers. 

The Alberta Social Studies NING is run by Alberta teacher Kevin Gilchrist

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ATA Library

Don't forget that the provincial  ATA offers a full library of materials for your PD use. When you order the item it will be mailed to you, with a prepaid envelope for returning it. Easy. Here is the link to the ATA library: 

Check out:

Aspen Foundation

Your provincial ATA has supported the work of the Aspen Foundation. As a result, all teachers have the opportunity to benefit from the following free resource:

GWG jeans were an icon of popular culture in a by-gone era. They were produced in the Great Western Garment (GWG) factory, a feature of the Edmonton landscape for nearly 100 years. The factory had an interesting history including many enthralling stories. These stories of immigrant experiences, working women, cross-cultural relationships, corporate innovation, a creative union and globalization are some of the features of GWG: Piece by Piece – A Resource for Alberta Teachers that is now freely available to view and download at:

Also, see attached for further information on this free resource.